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The Benefits of Heating Floors in a New Construction

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4 Dec, 2023

5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Heating Floor in a Newly Built House

Single-family house construction had declined, but since the COVID 19 pandemic, it has increased, particularly in areas where land is less expensive than in urban areas. With the containment measures, the need for more living space and remote working became critical. Habits have shifted: an increasing number of people are choosing self-construction and improving home comfort. 

Building a new home is a great opportunity to install a heated floor, especially since most Canadian households are influenced by the Nordic countries' (Sweden, Finland) climate-related tradition of indoor comfort.

According to Statistics Canada, the use of radiant heating systems increased from 3% to 4% between 2019 and 2021. The installation of a heating floor requires careful planning, including costs and materials. It’s a worthwhile investment that current and prospective homeowners should be aware of because it affects the value of their home.

When it comes to installing your heating system, you want a discreet, comfortable, and economical solution in the long run. In this article, we'll look at five compelling reasons to make this decision, especially if you choose self-construction!

Reason 1: Easy to install into new builds

Reason 2: Energy efficiency

Reason 3: Interior design versatility

Reason 4: Immediate comfort for the best experience

Reason 5: Adding value to your property


Reason #1: Easy to install into new builds

Underfloor heating systems are either hydronic or electric. One of their primary benefits is their ease of installation: whether by a plumber or by yourself - using HCW's pre-assembled hydronic systems -  they can be placed during the construction of a residence, allowing a harmonious integration into the structure of the house, without the need for further modifications.

Indeed, architectural plans can take into account the locations of hot water pipes or electrical cables from the start, making subsequent installation easier. This also allows you to optimize the heating system's efficiency based on the layout of the rooms.

After the concrete is poured, a hydronic system, which uses pipes to circulate hot water or a mixture of water and glycol, is installed directly beneath the floor covering. Unlike traditional heating systems, this method provides greater material flexibility: wood, tile, parquet, carpet, and many other options based on your preferences! 

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Reason #2: Energy efficiency

Heated floors, which use radiant heating, are more efficient than baseboard or wall convectors. They reduce the ambient temperature by 2 to 3 degrees while providing consistent thermal comfort. Overheating a room becomes unnecessary as the heat warms the feet and radiates upwards.

Unlike radiators, which produce hot and cold draughts, they generate a pleasant and consistent feeling. Furthermore, they eliminate the problem of cold surfaces near windows or walls, reducing risks of condensation and mold growth.
During construction, it’s simpler to install programmable control valves and thermostats for each area of the house. This enables heating only the rooms that require it, as well as individual temperature control, resulting in more accurate energy management and, as a result, additional savings.

An additional benefit is that they are compatible not only with renewable energies, such as geothermal energy, which uses the energy contained in the ground to heat a home, but also with the government's construction and energy efficiency standards.

Because there is no heat loss with a hydronic system, you can reduce your energy bill if your home is properly insulated. If you want to optimize your consumption, this is an important factor to consider when designing your home. A new construction has a significant budget and is often a once-in-a-lifetime project. If you want a long-lasting and dependable system, investing in a heated floor can be profitable in the long run.

Reason #3: Interior design versatility

This heating technique, a modern and efficient alternative to traditional heating ducts such as baseboards or convectors, allows for more wall space and more freedom in the layout of furniture and decorative elements. You can design functional spaces and even update your interior decor.

With a hydronic heated floor, you can say goodbye to bulky radiators that limit your room arrangement options! You can place your furniture wherever you want, and the heat is distributed evenly across the entire floor area. You have the spirit of a self-builder, don't you? HCW's pre-assembled systems, which are tailored to your project, are simple to install on both the ground and upper floors of your home. You only pay for the parts you actually need.



Reason #4: Immediate comfort for the best experience

Heated floors, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, provide a relaxing sensation under the feet and preserve consistent comfort throughout the room. This well-being can be experienced immediately following installation! You will no longer endure unpleasant temperature fluctuations, and your children will enjoy their indoor activities more.

Building materials, such as concrete or coating plasters, typically require several hours of drying time to remove residual moisture. A hydronic heated floor can speed up the process because of its soft and consistent heat, which promotes moisture evaporation.

Additionally, it contributes in maintaining an optimal relative humidity level within the home. It’s possible to precisely control the floor temperature by using a programmable thermostat and control valves. An adequate relative humidity level - usually between 30% and 50% - helps avoid excess moisture, which prevents mold formation and material deterioration.

For extra comfort, our hydronic systems work well with smart home thermostats. You can adjust the temperature remotely, allowing you to enjoy a heated home when you return after being away for a long period of time. 


Reason #5: Adding value to your property

Installing a heating floor can be a larger upfront investment than ordinary heating systems. However, the long-term benefits of comfort, energy savings and added value to your property make it an attractive choice for many homeowners.

This heating system, renowned for its durability and longevity, can increase the overall value of your property in the real estate market, as many people are looking for homes with its modern and innovative features: extensive choice of flooring, compatibility with renewable energies and home automation systems.

Potential buyers are very concerned with their quality of life, cozy comfort, and energy efficiency when evaluating a property. They can see the presence of a dependable and high-quality heating system as an asset, as it means lower long-term maintenance costs.

With several interested buyers, you could expect a high return on investment when reselling the property. The transaction would be quicker, especially because the system is already installed, which is an undeniable benefit.

HCW provides innovative heated floors that require almost no maintenance; they are durable as the construction itself, and come with a guarantee!


Final take

Installing a hydronic heating floor when building a new home can provide many advantages to single-family home owners: it’s a great way to improve energy efficiency and comfort levels in the home through soft, even heat, while lowering the amount of the energy bill.

Our current life choices, which for many people include working from home or planning more home activities for children, involve living in a pleasant and healthy environment. You now have good reasons to take the first step and call a plumbing professional, or even better, install yourself without extensive technical knowledge.

With HCW's pre-assembled hydronic systems, you can control your project from the start and save money. Start your free estimate online now!

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